New cuties

  In these days I have been very busy with end of school events, learning how to dye with natural colors, helping a friend with her restaurant and finishing these new pendant necklaces… I have so many projects and ideas, but as you all know too well, days are not long enough! Anyway, on the […]

Summer night in Drøbak

So I did it. I’ve opened a shop on Etsy. Or better, HP did it for me, because I can’t stop making things and i dream about living of that, so I needed to start…I’ve been very busy lately crafting, taking pictures, and taking more pictures because they’re never good enough, and learning how to […]

Piadina & Cassoni, vegan

  Today I’ll write about my favourit confort food. The smell of this piadina means childhood, grandmother, family, friends, in a word, it means home. Last year I was in my home town, Rimini, for summer holiday. I was riding my bike home from the beach, in a late afternoon, in the small streets were […]

Lavoro…sono adulto

“Lavoro …. sono adulto!” è un progetto rivolto ai ragazzi maggiorenni e prevede uno stage lavorativo in uno stabilimento balneare di Rimini insieme al proprio operatore e l’alloggio in appartamento. Avere un lavoro, gestire i propri soldi, fare le proprie scelte su come organizzare la propria giornata (cosa indosso, cosa mangio, come sistemo la mia stanza…

Vegan light eggplant parmesan with vegan mozzarella

  Eggplants are my favorite vegetable, I think. Hard choice, though! But eggplants parmesan has always been one of my favorite dishes while growing up and it still is, so I simply needed to veganize it! Here’s my version, that HP liked so much that asked me to pack some leftovers in his lunch bag…that made […]

Happy Easter!

I had a very busy week, visiting family in Belgium, making food, cleaning and having guests! I didn’t even had time to take pictures and post here, but I am also glad to have had the opportunity to think about the real meaning of Easter. No matter where we live, what we do, what challenges we are […]