New cuties


In these days I have been very busy with end of school events, learning how to dye with natural colors, helping a friend with her restaurant and finishing these new pendant necklaces… I have so many projects and ideas, but as you all know too well, days are not long enough! Anyway, on the bright side, I’m happy with how things are going. I didn’t sell anything yet, but I realize that i’m defining my style and try to focus on what I love most. Yesterday I talked to a store owner here and they are looking for someone who can hold a jewelry making class, that would be amazing! I’m learning a lot, studying tutorials for new techniques and it all is exciting! And I make food also! New recipes are coming soon! For now, enjoy these little critters, they’re vintage, hand painted and adorable. And it was fun learning some facts about all of them!


Collage cute animals


2 thoughts on “New cuties

    • Thank you! Love that gang too! And I’ve learned something new about each of them, for exemple rabbits are not pets, they need to be free to develop all their potential…just thought you might like too 😉


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