Summer night in Drøbak

So I did it. I’ve opened a shop on Etsy. Or better, HP did it for me, because I can’t stop making things and i dream about living of that, so I needed to start…I’ve been very busy lately crafting, taking pictures, and taking more pictures because they’re never good enough, and learning how to sell there…I’ve finally decided my shop name. Monday night we always do something together as a couple and as a family, and this week we had the opportunity to spend it with HP’s parents eating dinner in an ancient fortress. Drøbak is one of my favourit places here in Norway, a beach small town with a southern charme, old wooden houses and gentle evening breeze. We took a ferry to the island were the fortresse of Oscarsborg is, in a warm and lovely summer night…and so I felt that yes, that was the name for my shop. Here’s some pictures from Drøbak.


2014-05-26 19.06.092014-05-26 19.06.59

2014-05-26 19.11.012014-05-26 21.19.552014-05-26 21.14.38

2014-05-26 21.23.35

And this is my shop! http://

Please, go and visit!



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