Vegan “Torta della nonna” (Grandmother’s pie)

2014-04-30 07.24.04


Last weekend, HP and I went to a little cruise to Denmark. He won it, so why not? Norway and Denmark were one kingdom before and the Oslo-Copenaghen route is a very old route (maybe already from the vikings? Not so expert in scandinavian history yet 😉 )

We had a great time, very relaxing, wonderful weather, walking around in Copenaghen which is so beautiful and stylish (and with many vegan/raw restaurants), we enjoyed everything. Well, except the dessert. On the boat we could chose where to eat, and one night we went to “Little Italy”. Their pizza was good, but when Hp tried the dessert…hmm, no. Their “Torta della nonna” was dry and tasteless. I was so sorry that HP’s first time with a famous italian cake had been ruined, that I came home and made it. Vegan version, of course. First trying, score! Definately good, soft, creamy, as it should be.


2014-04-30 07.26.40



Pie crust:

  • 300 gr flour
  • 3 Tsp cornstarch
  • 100 gr organic not refined sugar
  • 100 gr vegetable oil (I use extra virgin olive oil for everything, but for cakes I prefer vegetable because it tastes less)
  • 1/2 glass almond milk
  • 1 Tsp baking powder



Mix flour, cornstarch, sugar and baking powder, then add the liquids. Mix well, you need to get a soft but not sticky dough. Not all the flours are the same, so add almond milk little by little. You might need more, just make sure you can easily roll the dough. Divide it in two, roll the first part and place in the pan. Pour the cream. Roll the second dough and place on top, making sure to close it well, because the cream tends to come out from the borders (that happened to me 😉 ). Put pine nuts or almond on top. If using almonds, chop them a bit. Bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. It’s good both warm and cold!

2014-04-30 07.23.53 large




2014-04-30 07.26.54 overlay


Whoops, Sofia liked that too! And I couldn’t help not to share some pictures I’ve taken from the boat…


2014-04-28 05.38.24

2014-04-28 09.19.15 2

2014-04-28 09.20.07



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